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Pre-Construction Services

Our Design Team 
Through our design-build process our design department ensures your facility design meets your needs, quality and budget requirements. Our clients take a virtual tour to 'see' multiple facility drawings during the design process with input from our designers on how the facility will best fit on the site while maximizing traffic flow and storage capacities. Our in-house Architect is also very involved early in each project for code reviews and to detect any concerns. Through our vast experience we are able to guide our clients to avoid potential problems on paper long before breaking ground and losing time and money.
Our Estimators
Our estimating department will play an integral role in providing scope, quality and cost information critical in the decision making process during the design of your facility. It is essential that these align with your needs and goals. They will also provide budgetary estimates periodically through the design phase. Budgetary estimates are based on experience, cost history and through consultations with trusted subcontractors and suppliers. In addition, estimating assists in value engineering each project by analyzing different construction assemblies and materials to guide design decisions and budgeting.
Key Benefits of Our In-House Pre-Construction Services 
  • Site Selection: Preliminary soil testing
  • Future Planning: Discussions of long-term plans. i.e. site layout, traffic patterns, expansion potential
  • Geotechnical Engineering: Exploration to address any subsurface issues
  • Civil Design: Guidance on drainage plan, buildings, utilities, roads, FAA regulations, State & Federal permitting
  • Site Work: These steps allow for accurate site numbers for your budget