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Case Study

SeaGate Terminals, Inc. | Chesapeake,VA
Bulk Storage Port Terminal

Port Terminal Construction for Increased Bulk Product Storage

When SeaGate Terminals was looking to revamp their warehousing needs, they had a certain customer and product line they wanted to handle that would be received by barge or rail, placed into storage and then eventually loaded into ocean-going vessels with capacities of 15,000 to 45,000 tons being transported to international destinations. The product had some unique storage construction requirements compared to the basic NPK product lines. One of the key additions was the need for stainless steel fasteners wherever product came into contact with exposed metals. The second key requirement was an addition to the concrete mix, to help prevent the deterioration of the concrete over a period of time.  


Marcus Construction designed and constructed the bulk fertilizer port terminal for SeaGate. Initial construction was for storage of 51,309 tons, however, during construction SeaGate decided to expand to their facility making the total storage capacity of this building 68,409 tons in 5 different storage bins. The bins were designed with an open concept to eliminate the bulk head and bin gates, allowing faster access for loaders to get in and out of the storage areas.

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