Project Overview

Marcus was brought in early to help execute MRGA’s strategic plan, we helped put together an agronomy site design that was implemented in phases over a 6-year period. The first facility, was a 36,000 ton dry fertilizer building with unit train capabilities as well as retail blending and wholesale operations with rail pit designed for receiving at 800 tph. The next project was a 48,936 sq. ft. facility that housed liquid chemical and package storage, seed storage warehouse and treatment area, with a large maintenance shop. Next was a 3.9 million bushel flat grain storage facility. And most recently was a 3,600 sq. ft. addition to their chemical warehouse.

Facility Size
48,936 sq. ft. chemical warehouse
36,000 tons dry fertilizer
3.9 million bushel flat grain
Construction Type
Greenfield Site
Delivery Method