Project Overview

NeuAG’s 30-acre site is incredible with a 70,000 ton AMS Storage Building, 67,500 sq. ft. Bagging Warehouse, and 34,000 ton NPK Storage Building. The AMS storage has two bulk loadout systems rated at 250 tph each. The truck receiving for this building operates 24/7. Raw material is screened into three grades of product and moved to storage bins by four conveyors in an oversized headhouse. Loadout capabilities include covered truck and rail.

The NPK bulk blending warehouse has 200 tph inbound from both truck and rail with the option to screen product prior to storage in the 8 micro bins and 6 main storage bins. Blending equipment for bulk truck loadout is rated at 250 tph. This facility also has the capability of blending for both turf and consumer products that are then transferred to the bagging warehouse.

The bagging warehouse is capable of housing eight bagging lines in a climate-controlled environment. Finished bags can be packaged into bag sizes ranging from 10 to 51 lbs and bulk bags ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 lbs for AMS, turf and consumer products. With total storage capacity for 3,465 pallets. The bagging warehouse is expandable and currently includes offices, a product testing lab, six van truck loadout docks, and one covered flatbed loading area.

Other Marcus Scopes of Work: 4,800 sq. ft. Maintenance Building, 2,250 sq. ft. Processing Building, Ladder track rail siding design for 100 car capacity, Truck Check-In and Truck Check-Outs including: two buildings, three truck scales, all site road paving, all utilities, site corrections, product handling equipment and automation, site security and safety.

Facility Size
70,000 ton AMS Storage, 67,500 sq. ft. Bagging Warehouse, 34,000 ton NPK Storage Building
Construction Type
Delivery Method
General Contractor