Project Overview

This turn-key agronomy facility features a state of the art 3-lane liquid loadout, over 3,200 sq. ft. attached office space that's completely finished and a large 80’ x 90’ chemical storage warehouse. Features in the liquid loadout include a control room, both top and bottom load capability, interior containment, CO2 monitoring and ventilation, eye wash stations and expandable end wall for future expansion, and Kahler automation system. The liquid warehouse includes full bathroom and breakroom, concrete bumper curbs and a “Dockzilla” portable ramp. The spacious 36’ x 90’ office has multiple workstations, women’s and men’s ADA compliant restrooms, reception and lobby area, a conference room and a break room.

Facility Size
21,000 sq. ft.
Construction Type
New Construction
Delivery Method
Turn-key Construction