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Case Study

Gavilon | Catoosa, OK
Renovated Dry Fertilizer Storage Terminal

Terminal Remodel Allowed for Continued Operations Alongside Construction

Gavilon was at a pivotal point where it was time to either update or consider a new facility at their Catoosa location. They brought Marcus Construction in to review their existing building and both parties agreed there was plenty of value in the existing roof and warehouse floor to explore a renovation rather than a rebuild. However, Gavilon’s storage bins were rodded and showing signs of deterioration and repair costs, product shrink and cycle times were escalating. Another factor in the decision was the importance for Gavilon to remain operational during construction between unloading barges and servicing their customers. With that in mind, a two-phase construction approach was designed giving both Gavilon and Marcus access to separate ends of the building for construction and operations while maintaining a safety focus.  


Marcus Construction designed an economical solution to remodel and maximize the dry fertilizer terminal for Gavilon. The renovation includes 42,300 tons total storage capacity in 10 different storage bins. The new bins have been designed to stack product full height without the need for braces, rods or unwanted columns – making it an open and safe space. Gavilon’s renovation has increased their efficiences and reduced labor costs significantly.

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