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Inland, River & Port Dry Fertilizer Distribution Centers

Construction for Inland, River and Port Dry Fertilizer Buildings

Marcus Construction's inland and river terminal construction provides the dry fertilizer building solution for all your shipping and receiving terminal needs while fully integrating the appropriate fertilizer material handling system of your choice.

Dry fertilizer building features include:

  • Numerous micronutrient bin options
  • Translucent light panels at both the alley way and conveyor levels
  • Flexible dry fertilizer storage bin sizes
  • Expandability options for future building and storage growth
  • Pre-construction services for dry fertilizer buildings range from complete general contractor to individual component needs such as site selection, permitting, civil / structural / architectural engineering, geotechnical, electrical, and many more.

Lange-Stegmann Co Dry Fertilizer Storage River Port Terminal in St. Louis, Missouri
Lange-Stegmann Co.

Located in St. Louis, MO, this 63,000 ton dry fertilizer storage river port terminal is the largest inland port in the U.S.

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Oakley Port 33 Bulk Dry Fertilizer Building in Catoosa, Oklahoma
Oakley Port 33

Located in Catoosa, OK, this is a river port terminal we have had the opportunity to build for several times including a 20,000 ton initial bulk dry fertilizer building, a 10,000 ton addition to it, and a 30,000 ton second dry fertilizer storage building.

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CHS Inc. - Crop Nutrients Dry Fertilizer Building River Port in St. Paul, Minnesota
CHS Inc. - Crop Nutrients

Located in the heart of St. Paul, MN, this 20,000 ton dry fertilizer storage building river port sits on the banks of the Mississippi River. A unique accent added to this facility is all exposed steel was painted blue to match CHS's logo.

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Mosaic Fertilizer LLC Dry Fertilizer River Storage Building in Donaldsville, Louisiana
Mosaic Fertilizer LLC

Located in Donaldsville, LA this 44,700 ton dry fertilizer river storage building is a basic manufacturer of fertilizer.

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Potash Corp Distribution Building in Hammond, Indiana
Potash Corp

Located in Hammond, IN, this is a fully automated 33,695 sq. ft. Rail Receiving/Loading & Transfer Building that includes 2 pits, multiple catwalks, a tower, control room, and provisions for a future tower. On site there is also a 120,000 ton single product storage facility.

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Ceres Global Bulk Fertilizer Storage Building in Northgate, Saskatchewan, Canada
Ceres Global

Located in Northgate, Saskatchewan, Canada, this is a 22,000 ton bulk dry fertilizer storage building.

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Deep Water Port Storage, Fertilizer Port Terminal, Bulk Fertilizer Storage, Bulk Product Storage
SeaGate Terminals, Inc.

Located on the Elizabeth River in Chesapeake, VA, this is a 68,409 ton bulk fertilizer port terminal. Initial construction was for storage of 51,309 tons, however, during construction SeaGate decided to expand 17,161 tons to their storage facility.

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