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Case Study

Cold Spring Co-op | Cold Spring, MN
Bulk Dry Fertilizer Storage Building

A Small Footprint with Significantly Increased Bulk Dry Fertilizer Storage Capacities

Marcus Construction designed and constructed this smaller dry fertilizer storage building, replacing an 1,800 ton plant that was built in 1971. The old facility was demolished for the new plant to be built on the same footprint, increasing their dry fertilizer storage by 2.5 times to 4,600 tons. As a single location Co-op that carries a mix of dry and liquid fertilizer blends, Marcus was able to keep the building affordable in an extremely tight location. Cold Spring Co-op went from one 8-ton mixer in the old plant, to two 12-ton vertical mixers that more than doubles their loadout capacity.


Cold Spring Co-op thrives on their customer service, with their new facility and expanded fertilizer storage capacity, they will be able to keep their customer service at the forefront, increase their operating efficiencies and have the storage capacity needed for their busy fertilizer season.

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