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Bulk Material Storage for Commodity Products

Warehouse Storage for Dry and Liquid Bulk Material, Unit or Packaged Cargo

Whether it’s a concrete and wood building or a pre-engineered metal building, our bulk material storage solutions can house nearly any bulk powder or dry bulk product. Our team works with your bulk material storage needs and will design a covered warehouse storage facility for the products you store and equipment you require, while achieving the most efficient flow for your particular process.


Some of these bulk material products may include:

  • Bulk powder and bulk solids
  • Metal, plastics, wood chips
  • Salt, silica sand, quartz sand, frac sand, sulfur
  • Grain, grain byproducts, cotton
  • Ore, coal, soda ash
  • Super bags and pallets
  • Granulates, pellets, flakes
  • Piping and tubing
  • Steel products, including coils, long product, rebar, wire and structural steel


Marcus storage warehouses are ideal for bulk material handling industries such as:

  • Port Terminals and Shipping
  • Heavy Industries
  • Feed and Feed Byproducts
  • Plastics and Chemicals
  • Fertilizer Production
  • Agricultural Commodities
  • Mining and Minerals
  • Solid Wood and Steel Products
  • Plants and Machinery