Time to Redesign Your Dry Fertilizer Storage Building?

June 16th, 2021

Where you store dry fertilizers is crucial for your agricultural production. This space has to be operationally functional and structurally sound. Bulk material storage buildings are ideal facilities for warehousing crop nutrition supplies.

Are you considering a renovation of your dry fertilizer storage space? Or have circumstances changed and the time has come for a complete rebuild? There are a few things, in either case, to consider that can help you determine which direction is right for your business. 

Marcus Construction has been helping agricultural producers with their building needs since 1956. Discover how they can help maximize your site with a perfect build for your agricultural operation.  

Bulk Fertilizer Storage Space: Do You Have What You Need? 

With either large or small-scale operations, you need enough room for your necessary building equipment along with having an area that’s spacious enough for your loader operator to work efficiently.

Ideally, you have enough space for: 

  • Receiving and loading out fertilizers

  • Material handling and blending 

  • Separate bins for different fertilizers 

If you find that your dry fertilizer storage and blending space is cramped or its layout inhibits functionality, a renovation or rebuild can help. How do you know which will be suitable for your operation? Some factors can impact either option.

Renovating Your Dry Fertilizer Storage Building: Use What You Have 

The case for renovating is strong if you know you have a building or structure with "good bones." That means that the main beams which support and frame the building are not structurally compromised. 

However, there may be some elements of the building that need to be revamped to suit current needs. This could include interior or exterior equipment that is outdated or in poor repair. There could also be elements requiring updating to meet safety or fire codes. 

If your current business can operate functionally well out of your storage building, then a renovation is a good option. Building out an existing building can provide you additional space or integrate innovations that help with efficiency. 

A professional fertilizer storage building contractor will spot problem areas that could halt or compromise production in the future. They also have the expertise to help reimagine the space if you are expanding your retail and wholesale blending operations.  

For buildings that are structurally sound, you can maximize what is working and renovate what is not. For example, you can replace deteriorating rodded bins and update to a rodless bin storage building. This renovation will make for a long-lasting storage solution with the capability to now safely stack product full height without the need for braces, rods, or unwanted columns. This can potentially reduce labor, demurrage and repair costs while increasing your efficiencies, storage and speed.

Renovation will also prevent having to close operations completely. It is possible to do the work in phases, leaving most of the facility open to continue work. This alone can be a huge cost-savings when compared with a complete rebuild and potential loss of business. 

However, if the space already does not function well for your needs, rebuilding may become necessary. It is crucial to assess what your needs are today and into the future. Putting the time, effort, and costs into a facility that won't function for your business in 5 or 10 years may not be worth the investment. 

Do your storing and blending facilities already feel cramped? Do your growth projections predict you to outgrow the space in the future? Do you have the need to carry additional products?

If so, a rebuild is more likely the route to go. In some cases, rebuilding your dry fertilizer storage building is a more affordable option. 

Rebuild: Start From Scratch 

Daily operations are challenging when your existing dry fertilizer storage building no longer meets your needs. Consider rebuilding to utilize the space more efficiently. In some instances, the cost of a renovation is more expensive than starting over. In that case, you’re better off investing in a new building designed for your current and future needs.

You want a dry fertilizer storage facility that grows with your business. As you expand your company, the need for more extensive storage can increase as well. If you are merging your operation with another company, your space may not function adequately and need to be restarted from the ground up. 

The beauty of rebuilding is that your new storage can work for your business in the future as well as today. Marcus Construction is an agricultural contractor that designs builds to suit and can also plan to include your existing equipment.

Reasons to consider rebuilding your agronomy storage building:

  • Operational efficiencies

  • Business is expanding, and the need for storage is increasing

  • Projections show that you will need more product storage in the near future

  • Need for storage increasing due to purchasing schedule 

  • Costs of renovations are higher than a rebuild

  • The building is no longer structurally sound

  • Equipment can no longer fit within the current space

  • You have the location already but need an updated facility

More companies need to buy in larger quantities to have enough inventory to last for the entire season. This is true, especially as certain fertilizers have limited availability year-round. The savvy agronomy manager needs to make purchases not just for today but for the next several months or longer. 

Purchasing in larger quantities also necessitates larger storage options that a rebuild can better accommodate. 

Safety protocols for storing dry fertilizers are vital in considering a renovation or rebuild. State and federal safety guidelines are becoming stricter, and keeping everything built to code will ensure that your inspections run smoothly. 

Bulk Product Storage Solutions

Whether you renovate or rebuild, you want a storage solution that is efficient for your needs and supports the growth of your company long term. Both options have great outcomes when they are managed by an agricultural building contractor experienced in the industry and has your best interests in mind. 

Marcus Construction has been a trusted name in agriculture construction for 65 years. We specialize in creating building solutions designed for your industry and with your longevity in mind. Learn more about how Marcus Construction can bring your dry fertilizer storage building into the 21st century.

Time to Redesign Your Dry Fertilizer Storage Building?

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