Marcus Construction Announces Additions to Ownership

September 22nd, 2022

A pair of third-generation owners will carry on the family business.

Marcus Construction of Willmar, MN announces additions in ownership by welcoming a pair of third-generation owners.

For over 65 years Marcus Construction has been a family-owned construction manager and general contractor. Earning our reputation across the country as a well-respected, premier builder and leader with our design-build services for commercial, industrial, agricultural and bulk storage construction.

Founded in 1956 by Carl Marcus, in Prinsburg, MN. Ross Marcus joined the family business in 1984 and took over as CEO in 1995. Ross Marcus will remain as the majority stockholder, and has now welcomed Taylor Marcus and Darin Bushard to join him in ownership.

Marcus Construction Ownership Group

Taylor Marcus joined the company in 2017 and currently serves as the Vice President of Operations. Darin Bushard joined in 2020 and his current role is Business Development in the Agribusiness Industries business unit. “As I started looking ahead to my future, I reflected back to how my father handled the transition,” Ross describes, “I want to set Taylor and Darin up for success and have them well prepared, just like my father did for me.” Ross continued, “Taylor and Darin are excellent leaders that live out the core values that we stand for. I’m super excited about our future as I partner with them and continue to drive towards our long-term goals of growth and development.”


The Key to Marcus Construction’s Continued Success – It’s The People

Marcus Construction is well known for longevity of employees and that is certainly by design and the sincerity of ownership. During an employee speech at Carl’s retirement, the employee said, “Carl had specific goals in mind when he hired people – personal skills in communication and moral values, people that would fit and mesh with his team, and that devotion and willingness to learn was far more important than inherent skills.”

Carl passed that message to Ross loud and clear and anyone that has been hired under Ross can attest that when he offers you the job, he also says “we’re happy to have you onboard, and I hope to have you retire with us someday.”

Ross Marcus and Carl Marcus

It’s the culture and ‘family feeling’ that has kept employees here 53 years, 45 years, 33 years, 29 years, and many over 20 years. It’s the passion and excitement for design and construction from the top that trickles down to every employee. Marcus employees bleed orange and that is due to the respect, support, and friendships within the company. It’s a special thing Carl started, Ross continues, and Taylor and Darin fully support as we move forward.


An Innovative Atmosphere

Another key to Marcus’ success throughout our history is the willingness and eagerness to learn, to take on new projects, and to be willing to step outside the box. This is truly where growth and innovation are given the opportunity to flourish – and flourish they have! This mindset has taken us down a variety of paths and opened the door to a diverse portfolio of projects and relationships.

From the early days, Carl knew that agribusiness construction was a path that we would excel at, and to this day is the core of Marcus Construction. In 2011, Ross decided to move our headquarters to Willmar, amplifying our commercial divisions exposure and providing us with numerous opportunities within new markets. It has also provided us with the ability to attract top talent, which has been a key to our success.

Marcus Construction Established 1956

As new leadership joins the helm, we look forward to the future of Marcus Construction and what it will hold. Being a trusted rural Minnesota construction company that is willing to be challenged and always stands by our word defines us. Our roots are deep, and our foundation is strong – where might our branches grow? What an exciting outlook!


Marcus Construction’s History

  • 1950’s Carl Marcus established Marcus Construction and operated the business initially out of his basement and was primarily constructing agricultural wood frame buildings, even building 180 in one year.
  • 1960’s Carl moved the business into a trailer house and started constructing wastewater treatment plants, along with interstate fencing and highway guard rail construction.
  • 1970’s Carl built an office in Prinsburg, MN, incorporated Marcus Construction, began our Varco Pruden Buildings partnership, and started grain bin storage construction.
  • 1980’s Ross Marcus joined the company, we started highway sign construction and flat grain storage construction.
  • 1990’s Carl retired and Ross took over as CEO, we began dry fertilizer storage construction and manufactured housing facilities.
  • 2000’s Marcus celebrated 50 years of business and built the nation’s first dry fertilizer mega-plant in Holloway, MN and the largest inland urea storage facility in St. Louis, MO.
  • 2010’s Taylor Marcus joined the company, Marcus’ corporate office moved to Willmar, MN and due to company growth - developed two business units: Agribusiness Industries and Commercial/Industrial. We built our first dry fertilizer shed in Canada.
  • 2020’s Darin Bushard joined the company, the Marcus Architecture & Design Group was established, and Taylor and Darin joined in ownership with Ross.


Founded in 1956, Marcus Construction is made up of two business units, Agribusiness Industries and Commercial/Industrial. Agribusiness Industries includes dry fertilizer storage, warehouses (chemical, seed, liquid fertilizer, bulk, and packaged products), office and training centers, and complex renovation projects. Commercial/Industrial includes commercial, retail, industrial, health care, financial, corporate, restaurants, educational and worship facilities.

Marcus Construction Announces Additions to Ownership

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